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Message from the president

Hideo Yamaguchi,

OKI Electric Cable plays an essential part in the history of telecommunications in Japan. Meikosha, Ltd. was founded as the first telecommunications instrument manufacturer in Japan in 1881. The founder's invention of lacquer-coated wires was followed by enamel wires, which were mass-produced by Meikosha's electric wire and cable division. Meikosha, later changed its name to Oki & Co., and then Oki Electric Co., Ltd. The electric wire and cable manufacturing division was spun off, and Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. was born in 1936. As a member company of OKI Group, we have been developing and providing a number of unique products that meet the needs of customers in a variety of flourishing fields such as telecommunications and industrial and medical devices.

With the corporate vision that "OKI Electric Cable connects people and things of today to tomorrow.", in order to provide ingenious products and services that make customers' hopes and dreams come true, also to serve as a bridge to a convenient and prosperous society in the future where every piece of information connects one another, we will strive to become a Global Niche Top company in the three fields of Electric wires and cables, Flexible Printed Circuit boards, and EDM wires.
To achieve this objective, each one of us will practice the principles of "Be honest," "Be devoted," "Maintain speed," "Take on challenges," and "Be grateful."

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with your continued support and encouragement for many years to come.

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