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Message from the president

Hideo Yamaguchi,

OKI Electric Cable plays an essential part in the history of telecommunications in Japan.The Meikosha company was founded as the first telecommunications instrument manufacturer in Japan in 1881. The founder’s invention of lacquer-coated wires was followed by enamel wires, which were mass-produced by Meikosha’s electric wire and cable division. Meikosha later changed its name to Oki Company, and then to Oki Electric Co., Ltd. The electric wire and cable manufacturing department was spun off, and Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. was born in 1936.
We are pleased to announce that OKI Electric Cable became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. in 2018, and thus becoming the core company of the OKI EMS Business Group.

In these greatly changing times along with the development of telecommunications, our company has been continuously providing the unique products that respond to customers' various needs.
Today, OKI Electric Cable aims to be a world-class company at the top of the three niche markets of electric wires and cables, FPCs, and EDM wires. By working together among our Sales, Technology and Production Divisions, we will keep striving to produce attractive products brimming with ideas for realizing a bright future.
We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with your continued support and encouragement for many years to come.

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