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Oki Electric Cable releases the new "ECP" series cables compatible with the "EtherCAT P" industrial open network

- Offering a wide lineup of models to accommodate diversifying needs and applications -


Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. (President: Masasuke Kishi, Head Office: Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, hereafter referred to as Oki Electric Cable) will commence sales of the new "ECP" series cables that are compatible with the "EtherCAT P (*1)" industrial open network on 1 December, 2017.

"EtherCAT P" is an industrial network based on the Ethernet standard. It is expected to be a new-generation network system, integrating communication and power lines into a single Ethernet cable to enable smaller footprint, reduced man-hours and more compact devices compared to conventional wiring.

To accommodate the diversifying requirements of customers using "EtherCAT P", Oki Electric Cable has developed the "ECP" series consisting of the "fixed wiring model" offering excellent cost performance and versatility, and the "movable wiring model" featuring superior durability against repetitive bending. In particular, the "movable wiring model" is designed for use in the movable mechanisms in IoT (*2)-ready robots and industrial equipment that incorporate network-enabled actuators (*3) and various types of sensors.

In addition to connecting general devices, the "ECP" series offers a lineup of cables that are designed for wiring inside devices embedded in machinery equipment and are suitable for different cable laying and/or environmental requirements.

This product will be exhibited at the International Robot Show 2017 which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 29 November - 2 December, 2017. (Oki Electric Cable's booth: IR2-39)

Sales plans

  • Sales start period: For fixed wiring December, 2017

    For movable wiring February, 2018

  • Sales target: 100+ million yen in fiscal 2018

Main features

  • It is compliant with the "EtherCAT P" standard and supports 100Mbps communication and dual-channel power supply (24V DC/3A).
  • A movable wiring model featuring superior bending durability is also available for use in the movable mechanisms of various industrial equipment.
  • The movable type adopts polyurethane sheath for excellent abrasion resistance.
  • The small-diameter type is 20% smaller in diameter compared to the standard type for improved maneuverability.

Main specifications

Wiring purpose For fixed wiring For movable wiring
Cable type Standard Small-diameter Standard Small-diameter
Rated temperature/Rated voltage 80degC/30V
Outer diameter (Standard) 6.5mm 4.8mm 6.4mm 5.2mm
Color Black/Red stripe
Transmission distance 75m 50m 60m 40m
Movability (Reference value) - Sliding/bending(*4)
More than 1 million times (R 50mm)

Description of terms

  • *1: EtherCAT?P(Ethernet for Control Automation Technology +Power)

    ?An Ethernet-based field network system developed by a German firm 'Beckhoff Automation'.

  • *2: IoT (Internet of Things)

    ?IoT is a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the Internet, creating new values in people's everyday lives and businesses. Examples in the industrial fields may include visualizing and monitoring the operating conditions of machinery and equipment, enhanced control automation, and so on.

  • *3: Actuator

    ?A collective name for a mechanism that converts energy such as electric power, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure, etc. into physical motion.

  • *4: Sliding/bending

    ?Repetitive reciprocating movement of the cable while bending it in a U-shape and sliding it linearly.

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