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High density (0.635mm pitch) Eco-OKIFLEX (UL2734)

UL STYLE NO.2734 80degrees 30V

This is an environmentally friendly non-halogen insulation type cable called Eco-OKIFLEX.
This high density type cable facilitates miniaturization of equipment.


High density (0.635 mm pitch) Eco-OKIFLEX (UL2734)

  • Due to the use of our unique technology, this cable has the same flexibility and electrical characteristics as those of conventional cables, despite the use of non-PCV/non-halogen resin for the insulation material.
  • This product is environmentally friendly. It also conforms to the RoHS regulations (which limit the use of specific substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment).
  • In order to meet the demands for miniaturization of equipment, this cable uses AWG30 (7/0.1mm) tin-plated copper wires, and the pitch of this flat cable (0.635mm) is one half of that of the conventional value of 1.27mm.
  • The cable can be easily pressure-welded to a high density IDC connector (1.27 mm pitch), reducing the necessary mounting space and also permitting multiple connections.
  • Like the conventional OKIFLEX series cables, the new cable is available as a bridge type or a sudare type.


Ideal for connecting equipment such as computers, peripheral equipment, communication equipment, and office equipment and also for internal fixed wiring.




Conductor resistance Ω/km (20degrees) 358 max Characteristic impedance Ω Standard 76
Insulation resistance MΩ-km (20degrees) 1 min Propagation delay ns/m Standard 5.0
Withstand voltage Vrms/min 1500 Near-end crosstalk % Standard 4.0
Capacitance pF/m Standard 80 Flame retardant characteristics VW-1

Item name, classification, and color of core wire

Item name Classification Color of core wire
FLEX-BN ( )-7/0.1 2734P Bridge type Red - Gray-Gray - Gray - Green - Gray …
1st core wire =Red, 5nth core wire =Green,Others=Gray
FLEX-SN ( )-7/0.1 2734P Sudare type Red - Gray - Gray - Gray - Green - Gray …
1st core wire =Red, 5nth core wire =Green,Others=Gray

Type configuration table

Number of cores wires Conductor Insulator Span mm Total Width mm Wire pitch mm Sandard length
20 AWG30
Flame retardant polyolefin
12.1 12.7 0.635 1reel 61m
24 14.6 15.2
30 18.4 19.1
40 24.8 25.4
50 31.1 31.8
60 37.5 38.1
80 50.2 50.8
100 62.9 63.5

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