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ecoSurge*1 U

  • *1 : "ecoSurge" is a registered trademark of Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd..


Surge suppression unit

Pulse drive is used in a control motor, for example, so reflected waves resulting from impedance mismatching between the cable, motor, and control section are superimposed on the signal, resulting in surges which become high voltage noise surges.
Surges contain high voltage components that are at least twice the normal drive voltage, so it is possible that the insulation may break down, stop functioning, or deteriorate, for example. It is therefore necessary to take measures against noise generation.

Surge generation mechanism


  • Surge voltages can be greatly reduced by simply connecting the unit to the motor terminals.
  • Additional machining is unnecessary, so the unit can be installed on existing equipment.
  • The unit can be used regardless of capacity. (We manufacture units individually for motors that exceed 75kW.)
  • Two types of units, 50m type and 100m type, are available.
  • Conforms to the RoHS (restriction on the use of specific harmful substances in Europe) directive.
  • Is much smaller and lighter than the output circuit filter (OFI).

Surge suppression unit connection diagram



Surge suppression efficiency demonstration movie

This is the demonstration movie which shows the actual efficiency of the surge suppression by viewing the measured surge waveforms on an oscilloscope. An actual surge waveforms are generated at the inverter motor drive system and OKI's surge suppression cables effects the reduction on the surge generation.

Please click followings:

Surge suppression efficiency demonstration


  • Prevention of motor impediment
  • Maintenance of motor of normally used system
  • Optimum for water pumping, and systems inside factories
  1. Transformer (water pumping motor)
  2. Steelworks (machining motor)
  3. Hospital (air conditioning motor)
  4. Super (air conditioning motor)
  5. Elevator (traction motor)


Item Specifications
Micro-surge voltage 1000V or less (between phases)
Applicable motor wiring length SSU50: 50m or less
SSU100: 100m or less
Applicable inverter Power source voltage 480 VAC or less
Inverter capacity 75kW or less
We manufacture units individually for motors exceeding 75kV.
Output frequency 0.1 to 400Hz
Carrier frequency 15kHz or less
Vibration 0.7G or less
Protective construction IP20
Working location Indoors
Ambient temperature -20 to +40degrees

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