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Standard Specification

  Unit Single layer
Two layers
(Up to 6layers)
Minimum total thickness
(reference value)
µm 70 100 250
Min.line Line/Space
Surface µm 60/60 75/75 100/100
Inner µm 75/75
Inter-layer connection Pierced through hole (TH), inner via hole (IVH)
Hole diameter (finished)
/Land diameter
mm 200/500
Cover layer Polyimide(CL), Solder resist(SR)
Surface finish Ni-Au plating, Solder plating
(Lead-free solder can be used solder leveler, chemical treatment)

Standard Lead-time

Standard Lead-time

  Proto-type Mass-production
Single-sided 3days 10days
Double-sided 4days 15days
Multi-layers 7days 30days

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