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High sliding Cat.5 LAN cable (UL20276)


High sliding Cat.5 LAN cable

Ethernet is used for data transmission even in production facilities, and so on, along with its popularization. Also, the Giga Ethernet format is used as a high-speed image transmission format, and has become popular in FA and industrial applications. Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. produces a range of FA LAN cables based on technology concerning LAN cables and FA cables which we sold previously.


  • The use of braided shields has resulted in better noise immunity and transmission quality.
  • The use of twisted pair conductors has resulted in better flexibility, enabling this cable to be used for FA.
  • The use of an oil-proof sheath enables this cable to be used inside a factory or similar environment as well.
  • This cable conforms to the RoHS standard.


  • This cable is suitable for high-speed Ethernet connections in various kinds of industrial equipment which are required to have flexibility and noise immunity.
  • This cable is suitable for various kinds of measurement and control in FA.
  • This cable enables a standard shielded modular plug to be used.


Max cable length 60m: Category 5(100BASE-TX) Electrical performance Frequency
90m: Category 3(10BASE-T) 1 16 100
Sliding characteristics 1,000,000 min (Bending radius 50mm) Loss dB/100m ≤2.8 ≤13.6 ≤36.6
Fire retardancy UL1581 VW-1 Near-end crosstalk loss dB ≥62 ≥44 ≥32
Sheath material Oil resistance PVC


Conductor diameter 30 / 0.08 (AWG26) Soft copper stranded wire Core wire identification TIA/EIA-568 Standard color arrangement
Insulation Polyethylene Number of pairs 4 pairs
Shield Braided shield Cable O.D. 6.7mm (standard)



Item name AWG26 4 pairs shielded LAN cord
Type No. AWG26 4P TPMC-C5 (SV) ***
Insert the sheath color in ***
Sheath color S204: Gray, SB: Warm gray
Standard length 305m bundle winding

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