OKIFLEX with S-shaped sheath (UL20266)

UL STYLE NO.20266 80degrees 150V


OKIFLEX with S-shaped sheath

  • This is a sudare* type OKIFLEX cable which has been formed into an S-shape and covered with a sheath. It is therefore ideal for wiring in inside a complicated console layout as well as for wiring between different equipment. A shielded version is also available.
  • Because of no interposition piece in the cable, termination work can be performed easily.
  • The ends of the flat cable inside the sheath are on the outside of the peripheral circle, enabling the cable to be easily spread out during termination work.
  • This product is environmentally friendly. The insulator and sheath material do not contain specific bromide-based fire retardant (PBDE or PBB) or the heavy metals Pb, Cr6+, Cd and Hg. They also conform to the RoHS (restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) regulations.


Ideal for connecting equipment such as computers, peripheral equipment, communication equipment, and office equipment, to each other and also for internal fixed wiring.



Characteristics example

  With Shield N0 Shield   With Shield N0 Shield
Conductor resistance
Ω/km (20degrees)
222(MAX) 222(MAX) Characteristic impedance Ω 95(STD) 75(STD)
Insulation resistance -km
10(MIN) 5(MIN) Propagation delay*1 ns/m 5.2(STD) 6.0(STD)
Withstand voltage Vrms/min 1500(MINI) 1500(MINI) Near-end crosstalk*1 % 6.5(STD) 6(STD)
Capacitance*1 pF/m 65(STD) 95(STD) Flame retardant characteristics VW-1 VW-1
  • *1 : The measured core wire is measured in the GSG mode.

Product name and conductor color

SFX-S () - 7/0.127 3030-() (20266) SB Red-Gray-Gray-Gray-Green-Gray… 1st core wire=Red,5nth core wire =Green,Others =Gray
  • * :Enter the number of core wires according to the type configuration table below in (a), and a symbol indicating whether or not the cable is shielded (V: Unshielded/SV: Shielded) in (b).

Type configuration table

Number of conductors Conductor Insulator Total Width mm Sheath thickness mm Sheath (Shielded) Sheath color Standard length
10 AWG28
Soft PVC 12.7 0.9 6.6 Warm gray:SB 100m
16 20.3 8.4
20 25.4 8.5
26 33.0 9.6
30 38.1 10.4
34 43.2 10.9
36 45.7 11.4
40 50.8 11.8
50 63.5 13.3
60 76.2 13.3
64 81.3 13.6

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