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1394.a long cable


1394.a long cable

This long-distance cable conforms to the IEEE1394.a standard (4.5m). It can transmit data over a maximum distance of 20m at 400Mbps, a maximum distance of 30m at 200Mbps, and a maximum distance of 50m at 100Mbps.


  • This cable is of a special construction (patent pending) for low damping, thus realizing long-distance transmission.
  • A special cable construction was adopted to conform to the FA environment, and a shield is used for enhanced noise immunity.
  • The standard connector used is a 6-pin connector with lock, ensuring that a good fit is maintained.
  • A connector conversion adapter cable is available, enabling the cable to be used with 4-pin connectors, and also 6-pin connectors without lock.


  • This connector is optimum for communication between an image input camera of an industrial machine, for example, and a data terminal, for example.
  • It is particularly suitable for a large facility that is remote from a camera.

Use the cable connection to HDD&DVD-R/RW,PC and Digital Video Camera.


Operating temperature (degree C) -5 to 45
Humidity range for operating (%RH) 20 to 85
Voltage rating (V) 40 max.
Current rating (A) 1.5 max.
Insulation resistance (MΩ-min./DC100V) 100
Dielectric strength (V/min.) AC100


1394 Long Cable (6pin locking)

Product name Transmission rate (Mbps) Cable length (m) Cable dia. (mm)
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 5m 400 / 200 / 100 5 φ6.4
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 10m 400 / 200 / 100 10 φ6.4
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 15m 400 / 200 / 100 15 φ6.4
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 20m 400 / 200 / 100 20 φ8.2
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 30m 200 / 100 30 φ8.2
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 40m 100 40 φ8.2
1394 Long Cable 400Mbps 50m 100 50 φ8.2

Cable length

Connector size,Plug(Male connector) pin assignment

Wiring diagram

1394 Adaptor Cable (Into the connecter for applicable port)

Product name Contents
6/4 AD L=250mm 4pin locking conversion cable
6/6 M AD L=300mm 6pin without locking conversion cable

4pin conversion cable

Wiring diagram

6pin without locking conversion cable

Wiring diagram

NTS Approval

National Technical Systems (NTS) Corporation has been providing quality testing services to the Aerospace,Defense,and Commercial Industries in the U.S.A for over 40 ears.Testing Laboratories are the largest in the industry and approved by the US government as National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).


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