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High sliding 1394.b cable (UL20276)

UL STYLE NO.20276 80degrees 30V


High sliding 1394.b cable

This 1394.b cable has excellent sliding performance. The maximum cable length is 4.5m. This cable can be used on sliding parts of production facilities, etc.

  • * : These cables are sold fitted with 1394.b connectors.


  • Optimum for sliding applications in which the cable is mounted inside a cableveyor.
  • High sliding performance has been realized due to the unique conductor construction, and also the cable materials and construction.
  • This product is environmentally friendly. It conforms to the RoHS directive.


  • Suitable for use in the cableveyors of production equipment.
  • Suitable for connecting to moving parts, such as to a camera mounted on a robot.


Connector size AWG28 (signal wire) Transmission speed 800Mbps
Shield Braided shield Flame retardant characteristics VW-1
Sheath material Heat resistant PVC Rating 80degrees 30V
Cable O.D. φ8.0 Working environment For indoor use 0 to 40degrees 20 to 85%RH
Cable length Please specify details.(4.5m max) Sliding count 3,000,000 or more (based on OKI in-house test conditions, and for reference only)
Connector 9-pin connector with screw thread (beta type)




Item name High sliding 1394.b cable
Type No. 1394B K*1
  • *1 :Enter the cable length. Up to 4.5m in 0.5m intervals

Precautions for use

  • Fully insert the connector. Also, take care that an excessively large tensile force is not applied to the connector.
  • Switch OFF the power before connecting or disconnecting the connector.
  • When connecting or disconnecting the connector, pull the connector in such a way that it is parallel to the mating connector. If you gouge the connector, or repeatedly insert and pull it out to an excessive degree, the housing or pins may become damaged.
  • Do not step on these products.
  • These cables are intended for high-speed transmission of small signals, so any large noise may result in signal errors. Keep these cables at least 60cm from the location of a possible noise source (air conditioner, electric light, etc.).


We cannot guarantee this product if it is used under the following conditions.

  • Concerning trouble such as the inability of a certain appliance connected to the equipment to operate stably or operate at all
  • Concerning loss of data, for example, generated during use
  • Concerning trouble such as a breakdown or trouble in an appliance due to improper use
  • Concerning trouble that occurred when a non-standard connector was used, for example

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