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High sliding, composite LVDS cable (UL20379)

UL Style No.20379 80degrees 30V


High sliding, composite LVDS cable (UL20379)

This high sliding, composite LVDS cable employs a construction that has excellent sliding flexibility, and is also provided with flexibility. As a result, it can also be used at parts where flexibility is demanded, such as sliding parts of production facilities, moving parts of equipment, and the handset operation part of equipment


  • Suitable for applications requiring sliding characteristics for wiring in a cableveyor.
  • This cable has high sliding ability and high flexibility due to the construction of the conductor and the material used in the cable.
  • The use of composite core wires of different conductor diameters enables the cable to be used in a variety of applications.
  • This cable is also used in the operation parts, and so on, of various kinds of image transmission and data transmission equipment, for example, using LVDS.


  • This is a low-voltage, high-speed differential signal transmission cable used for transmitting digital, high resolution image signals or making bus connections between equipment. It is used in applications when sliding performance and flexibility are required.


TypeHigh sliding
Characteristic impedance100 +/-10Ω (Balanced)
Propagation delay4.8 ns/m max
Skew100 ps/m max
Sliding characteristics1,000,000 min (Testing condition: Bending radius: 50mm)
Sheath materialHeat resistant PVC


  • We design the optimum cables for the ways in which you intend to use them and also the performance that you require. We also study matching connectors, so please address inquiries to us.
  • Indicates a structural example of a high sliding type LVDS cable. (Representative example)


Cable construction example

Type High sliding resistance
AWG 28
Conductor Tin-plated
Conductor construction 19/0.08
Insulator Core wire A Foamed polyethylene
Shield Braided shield

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